Procedure to create an account

2. Click on create account and the below window opens

3. Key in your sir name, other names and your personal email address

4. Check the kuccps student check box and enter any of the following

   Enter KUCCPS Email used during kuccps registration or KCSE Index No eg 00000000/2022 or National ID

5. Select identification document

6. Enter password you will be using

7. Reenter the same password to confirm

8. Click signup


Logging in

Procedure to download admission letter and other documents

2. Click log in and the following is displayed

3. Key in your email address used when creating account and password then log in

The following is displayed

4. Click on admission letter to download

5. Download all admission documents

6. Fill admission documents KIBU1, KIBU 2, KIBU 3 and KIBU 4.

7. Once done scan and upload them under my documents/uploaded documents

Only the following documents should be uploaded

  1. KIBU1
  2. KIBU 2
  3. KIBU 3
  4. KIBU 4